• Fiestas Religiosas de Atacama implies designing, implementing and populating an educative website, centered around promoting and preserving heritage, embedded in spiritual and cultural realms; in knowledge, usage, and artistic expressions manifested in religious fests, organized and celebrated by the community at different times of the year, all through Atacama region, in Northern Chile.


  • Promote the local dissemination and acknowledgement of our cultural heritage, via sound, image, and audiovisuals, dealing with living expressions and cultural treasures present in Atacama region religious fests, generating information and access for our people and people from abroad to this specialized cultural mapping, using ICTs to guarantee the permanence and transmission of part of our tradition’s universe, recently appointed as Immaterial Heritage of Humanity.
  • Acknowledge and value Atacama region Bailes Religiosos Federation, local associations, and Copiapó Diocese organizational work, particularly the silent effort and devotion of elders, adults, youngsters, boys and girls from various Bailes Religiosos family clans, a direct benefit for all of them, who, in different stages of participation, by expressing their faith, beliefs, dancing, singing, or playing their music to the divinity, constantly enliven the fest, and preserve their cultural identity from generation to generation.
  • Generating alliances with tour operators and public institutions, in search of promoting cultural regional tourism, implementing, in a second stage of this website, information on natural and archaeological sites, heritage roads, monuments, cuisine, hotels or camping sites, complementary data of real interest for tourists looking for their destinations’ traditional cultures.
  • Promoting the work of EDUCATIVA research and promotion cultural center, which we are forming up as an in-progress institution, intending that all resources generated by every single of our projects become educational tools for teachers of all school subjects and/or professionals related to anthropology, history, photography, musicology, et. al., as well as reaching younger generations, children and teenagers born in this digital age from all socioeconomic levels, via internet.
  • Install this project as a real action towards preservation, value, and transmission of rituals and festivities oral traditions, according to 2003 UNESCO’s Charter, also confirming active participation and document aid for Regional Center for Protecting Latin America Immaterial Cultural Heritage, CRESPIAL.
  • Colaborating to the acknowledgement of an expression to be considered as a Masterpiece of Immaterial Heritage, being this the unmeasurable treasure contained inside the soul of Bailes Chinos Tradicionales, permanent cornerstone of festivities ranging from Aconcagua to Tarapacá zones, in direct contact with the divinity through dance, the sound of flute and drums, and singing. A beautiful and unique way to understand the Universe and relate to it.