About the author

Sound engineer, researcher, and producer connected with Heritage and Traditional Culture, Alexander Ortega Sepúlveda studied Tecnologías del Sonido at AIEP Andrés Bello, Santiago de Chile. His interest in Chilean sound identity in the context of the country’s geography – an extremely uncommon approach in the area -, has led him to the exploration and study of sound and music as a multildimensional phenomenon, dwelling into practices living in the heart of a comunidad, mostly overshadowed and disdained by mainstream culture. His work moves in Patrimonio Cultural Management, Education in Arts, and Technology in the Classroom realms. Since 2008, he is a member of Heritage Management National Network. In 2009, he formed up EDUCATIVA research and promotion cultural center, which he heads in Valparaíso, Chile.




Nowadays, away from all-pervading capital city influence, he is concerned with traditional expressions of Northern Chile comunidades, and the rescue of an oral culture that leads us to reflect upon the way we feel and approach ilife, about being Chilean from territorial experiences and spiritual stories enlightening and guiding our culture.





- Musical Traditions in Región de Atacama’ Bailes Religiosos, 2007.

- SARATHARIS – Flor del Titikaka, traditional music from Andean Peru 2009.

- Diagnosis of the condition of recorded sound patrimonio during “carnavales” and “fiestas patronales” celebration, Isluga, Colchane, 2008-2011.

- Sound recording and editing for “Veneración al Niño Dios”, since his conception to the Three Wise Men arrival, La Tirana de Tarapacá, 2009-2011.

- MIDI laboratory for Liceo de Música de Copiapó, official publishing by Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia de Madrid, España, during XII Congreso Internacional de Informática Educativa, 2007.

- MIDI laboratory for Liceo de Música de Copiapó, tools for promoting the teaching of traditional music, third prize at 2009 Best Practices in Education in Arts. OEI, Consejo Nacional de La Cultura y Las Artes, Ministerio de Educación.

- www.lakitasdetarapaca.cl, educational web platform for preserving and disseminating Tarapacá region, Comparsas de Lakitas musical practices, 2010.

- www.fiestasreligiosasdeatacama.cl, educational web platform for preserving and disseminating patrimonio cultural embodied in Atacama’ fiestas religiosas region, 2009-2011.

By  Ximena Vidal Bastías